Our Principal

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

Established in 1956, Orissa School of Mining Engineering, Keonjhar has emerged as a hub for academic excellence in engineering training. The institute contributes to quality education in all major disciplines of diploma in that to meet the needs of industry for trained technical manpower with practical experience and sound theoretical knowledge.

Orissa School of Mining Engineering, in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing technological scenario, continuously and tirelessly strives to take a leading role in developing its infrastructure labs, curriculum etc. to provide state of the art technical education to students.

Development and sustainability of the industrial sector are dependent on the availability of trained and skilled manpower to perform multidimensional activities needed to keep the wheels of industry running.

We believe that students of OSME, Keonjhar would not only excel across several dimensions, like knowledge domain, skills, communication and basic human values, but they would also combine these with priceless qualities of mind and heart. It is for this important reason that we have succeeded in maintaining our position among leading Diploma in Engineering in the country.

We believe that students are the architects of future, therefore their boundless energies need to be supervised, mould and channelized in the right direction. It gives me a sense of pride when I see my students involved in doing, creative and innovative activities and progressing ahead towards excellence.

I wish them all the very best in all of their endeavours and promise to be associated with them in achieving & fulfilling their academic pursuits throughout their stay at the campus and even after.

-Shri Radha Krushna Pramanik

Incumbency Chart of Principals, Orissa School of Mining Engineering, Keonjhar

Sl.no Name From Date To Date
1 Sri R.K. Behera 28-09-1956 25-7-1958
2 Sri Batahari Jena 31-7-1958 10-01-1960
3 Sri Sridhara Patajoshi 02-03-1960 11-01-1962
4 Sri Khageswar Das 11-01-1962 04-04-1979
5 Sri Birupakhya Panda 04-04-1979 22-08-1984
6 Sri Rabindranath Sahoo 23-08-1984 04-09-1984
7 Sri Krishna Sankar Rath 05-09-1984 25-02-1989
8 Dr. Kamalakanta Dwibedy 26-02-1989 28-07-1994
9 Sri A.K. Ganguly (I/C) 29-07-1994 22-09-1994
10 Sri P.C. Dash 23-09-1994 11-05-1998
11 Sri A.K. Ganguly 12-05-1998 31-03-2003
12 Er. T.P.G.K. Acharyulu 31-03-2003 11-03-2004
13 Sri. R.K. James 11-03-2004 16-12-2006
14 Sri. S.S. Mishra (I/C) 17-12-2006 07-03-2007
15 Sri. S.S. Mishra 08-03-2007 26-06-2010
16 Er. K.T. Parida (I/C) 27-06-2010 29-8-2011
17 Dr. A.C. Patra 30-08-2011 31-03-2012
18 Er Jyana Ranjan Das    
18 Er. R.K. Pramanik 01-04-2012 07-03-2013
19 Er. K.T. Parida (I/C) 08-03-2013