The Central Library is well equipped with modem facilities and resources (print and electronic) in the forms of CDROMs, DVD-ROM, online databases, micro-documents, video cassettes, books, journals, theses, reports, etc. It has also developed a full-fledged E-Resource center equipped with necessary modem equipment in order to provide various digital mode Library services. Digital Library has developed an institutional digital repository using open source software DSpace, which preserve the institute’s intellectual publications.

Central Library sets the goal of establishing a world class library by integrating information sources and services across disciplines in one umbrella by building a sound and comprehensive collection of both conventional and electronic resources on all branches of knowledge with a robust hi-tech infrastructural facilities and to redesign and revamp the systems and services in efficient, effective , and dynamic ways tailoring to meet the myriad information needs of students, research scholars and faculty members of the university pin-pointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously anywhere on campus for the sake of promoting academic excellence.

Total no of books available 17723
Mining Engineering 4057
Mechanical  Engineering   7200
Metallurgical Engineering 1743
Electrical Engineering 2153
Civil Engineering 1749
Drilling Engineering 821
Text books 6252
Reference books 4221
Total no of journals available 21
Total no of magazines available 19
Total no of newspapers subscribed per language 04